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Smart Energy China 2018

Smart Energy China

About ESC Co-organizer


Jointly founded by China Standardization and Technical Consortium for Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction (STCE) and Z-Park NGI (Next Generation Internet) Industry Alliance with the support and guidance of organizations including NDRC, MOST and AQSIQ on November 14, 2013, China Strategic Alliance of Smart Energy Industrial Technology Innovation is an innovation-oriented technological cooperation organization. Committed to the innovative development of China’s smart energy industry, the Alliance is a non-profit national technology platform integrating public benefit, serviceability, technicality, R&D and extension.

The Alliance aims at establishing a smart energy cloud platform, developing an integrated solution for smart energy, performing the conversion and trial demonstration of vital scientific and technological achievements, and promoting the application of smart energy innovative technology in China and even in the whole world with the coordination of the government, enterprises, schools and research institutes. All the work will be conducted with smart energy standards as the basis, promotion of innovative development of smart energy as the target, efficient energy utilization as main clue, and latest information technologies such as Internet of Things, cloud computing and big data as the support.