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Beijing Dingxin Institute of Collaborative Innovation

Beijing Dingxin Institute of Collaborative Innovation is led by university of science and technology Beijing, Beijing municipal science and technology commission, Tianjin science and technology commission and established under the support of Hebei province department of a joint in generic technology innovation, talent cultivation and transformation of scientific and technological achievements transfer work collaborative innovation community. Institute as Beijing university industry group holdings of state-owned enterprise, institute for the implementation of enterprise operation and market operation mode, the work pattern of adhering to the "three platforms a demonstration zone", as a whole "government - production - technical service enterprise - academics - financial institutions," the resources, service chain through innovation, deepening dominated by trade unions of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei collaborative innovation community building. The research institute focuses on energy storage and new energy, new materials and environmental protection, and carries out technical research and development, standard development, transfer transformation, analysis and detection and investment and financing. Company has the comprehensive department, financial department, technology department, the strategic development of four functional departments, as well as the energy storage system research institute, wisdom, energy research institute, foreign cooperative research department of iron and steel institute of intelligent manufacturing, etc.