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Tourist attractions in guangzhou

  • Baiyun Mountain Baiyun Mountain is a household scenic spot in Guangzhou, which attracts over 20 million visitors every year. Since ancient times, it has been renowned as the "No. 1 Scene" of Guangzhou. Here, you can see an endless stream of mountain climbers every day. On the Double Ninth Festival, it is customary for Guangzhou citizens to climb Baiyun Mountain and take in its beauty.
  • Nansha Wetland Park Nansha Wetland Park makes Nansha the optimal place in which to watch birds in Guangzhou.The tourist area in the Nansha Wetland Park is located on the west bank of estuary of Pearl River. With 20-years of reclamation and protection, the area maintains the industrial structure of farming and fishing and the land there is in a good natural state, with its ecological environment well looked after under a good protection regime. This land serves as a good habitat for fish, shrimps, crabs and grows lotus roots, banana and sugarcane. The whole area constitutes a beautiful rural picture with pure water, blue sky and verdant trees. 
  • Pearl River Night Cruise The Pearl River night cruise is unique to Guangzhou. For dozens of yuan, you can cruise on a luxury boat along the Pearl River and enjoy the enchanting landscapes on both banks. You can stand on the deck and feel the breeze of the river on your face and hear the sound of water splashing against the side of the ship. The cruise is immensely popular among local residents and tourists alike.
  • Chimelong International Grand Circus The Chimelong International Grand Circus Theater is the world's largest professional circus arena, offering 8,000 seats. The Magic Legend currently on show at the theater involves more than 300 performers from over 20 countries and thousands of animals. With its state-of-the-art stage and special effects, the theater delivers the ultimate audiovisual feast to the visitors.