• Chairman, China Renewable
    Energy Society & Counselor
    of the State Council

    Mr. Shi Dinghuan

  • Senior Researcher, Energy
    Research Institute, NDRC

    Mr. Wang Sicheng

  • President, National Center
    for Climate Change Strategy
    and International Cooperation

    Mr. Li Junfeng

  • Researcher of Development
    Research Center of the State
    Council & Secretary General
    of China EV100

    Dr. Zhang Yongwei

  • Researcher, Institute of
    Physics Chinese Academy
    of Sciences

    Dr. Huang Xuejie

  • President, German Energy
    Storage Association (BVES);
    Director, Fraunhofer Institute
    for Solar Energy Systems (ISE)

    Prof. Dr. Eicke R. Weber

  • Vice-President, Policy and
    Trade, Clean Energy Council

    Mr. Darren Gladman

  • Board Member of the
    Canadian Solar Industries
    Association (CanSIA)

    Mr. Thomas J. Timmins

  • Project Manager,
    Self-Generation Incentive
    Program, Center for
    Sustainable Energy

    Ms. Rebecca Feuerlicht

  • Director, Electrical Engineering
    and New Material Department,
    China Electric Power Research
    Institute (CEPRI)

    Mr. Lai Xiaokang

  • Chief Engineer, Dalian
    RONGKE Power Co., Ltd

    Mr. Zhang Huamin

  • Director, Energy Storage
    Research Center, Institute
    of Engineering Thermophysics,
    Chinese Academy of Sciences

    Mr. Chen Haisheng

  • Director, Power Battery
    Laboratory of China North
    Vehicle Research Institute &
    Director, National 863
    Electric Vehicle Key Power

    Mr. Wang Zidong

  • Deputy Chief Engineer,
    Shanghai Electric Power
    Design Institute Co., Ltd

    Mr. Guo Jiabao

  • Chief Economist, State Grid
    Energy Research Institute &
    President, State Grid Energy
    Strategy and Planning Institute

    Dr. Bai Jianhua

  • Senior Engineer, Zhejiang
    Province Power Electric
    Power Research Institute

    Mr. Zhao Bo

  • Chief Engineer, Liaoning
    State Grid Power Company

    Mr. Wang Zhiming

  • Hydrogenics Corporation
    Director - Business Development

    Alan Kneisz

  • General Manager

    Mr. Weichun Li

  • Manager

    Mr. Andy Chen

  • Manager

    Mr. Clemens Padel

  • Board of Directors

    Dr. Andreas Hauer

  • Assistant Professor, University of Macau

    Dr. Huaiyu Shao

  • EU Affairs Officer

    Mr. Francesco Gattiglio

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